Academic and Information Technology, (916) 278-6803

Manager, Online Teaching and Learning
April Qian, 
ARC 3005E
(916) 278-6803

Instructional Designer
ARC 3005k
(916) 278-7994


LMS User Support Lead & Online Course Developer
Matt Kay 
ARC 3005
(916) 278-5222

Matt works in partnership with faculty and staff to design, develop and implement educational Web sites and online course materials; teaches Web design using Dreamweaver in workshops and individual settings; researches both emerging technologies and trends, as well as the teaching and learning strategies that implement them; and provides general consulting and technical support to faculty and staff on the use of computer applications, SacCT and Web design tools. Matt is available in ARC 3005. 

On Line Course Developer
Yazmin Vera
ARC 3005G
(916) 278-2762

Yazmín works with faculty and staff to guide them in the development and design of instructional material for online courses. She provides consulting on the use of SacCT, on the development of course material and various computer applications. She also designs, implements and teaches faculty and staff workshops that enable participants to gain knowledge about various technology but most importantly, know how to apply what they learn in their roles as educators. Yazmín is available in ARC 3005.

On Line Course Developer
Cryssel Vera
ARC 3005J
(916) 278-7637

Course Evaluation Consultant
Shawn Sumner
ARC 3005L
(916) 278-5751

SacCT Administrator  
Michael Barone
ARC 3005H
(916) 278-3816

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