Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology - draft

The Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology (CTL-T) at Sacramento State assists the academic community to take advantage of technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience for Sacramento State students, faculty, and staff.  The CTL-T supports, promotes, and assists in the development and customization of high quality, creative, and innovative uses of technology in the teaching and learning process.  

The CTL-T coordinates the work of highly skilled professionals, faculty mentors, and experienced practitioners to provide access to academic technology tools, consultation, reasearch and professional development learning opportunities, scholarship of teaching and learning, and implementation of new technologies in and out of the classroom.  The CTL-T enables instructors to access support and utilize technology to improve, document, and assess student learning.

The CTL-T provides a one-stop shop for technology needs in teaching from innovation, ideas, experiments to application and assessment.  The faculty and staff at CTL-T provide sustained resources for quality web-enhance, hybrid, and online courses.

CTLTs functions (these should be individual tabs, including the people that are involved in each):

Look like: 

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